What is the diet of a Female Model


What is the diet of a Female Model

Magazines and articles claim that fitness has become an obsession for this generation, and gyms have gained much prominence. Earlier, only those people who were in bad body shape were required to visit the gym while nowadays, every Tom, Dick, and Harry is a gym member. But is it so difficult to find the reason behind this?

With the advancement in technologies, there is significant ease in efforts required by humans to get a job done.

This means that there is absolutely no work that would require core human strength. Because there is a definite lack of strength-related activities on a daily basis, a person has to exercise manually and consciously to maintain their shape. Most people who deny these facts are living their life battling against body fat and weight gain.

Female models who appear on TV advertisements and magazines look all too perfect. When one looks at them, they surely wonder about their diet plans, they weight loss foods and workout routines to gain such a body. Well, it’s no miracle.

With the correct diet menu and regular workout, anyone can achieve that kind of a body but one needs to be consistent and dedicated throughout. The one thing that keeps models stuck on their diet plans is the fact that their livelihood depends on that. That in itself is motivation enough, but for people who want to achieve the perfect body because they want to be healthy requires firm dedication.


The diet plan of a fitness model: Male and female on the basis of nutrition

Contrary to popular belief, the diet of male and female fitness models are almost the same. The only paramount is exercise and following the set diet. Although women require a little lesser intake of calories than men, the diet plan has but a little difference only on this basis.

Most people assume that losing weight is a result of not eating food. Thereby they stop consuming enough calories but still fail miserably. This process is wrong. It may sound vague, but our bodies require calories to remain healthy as well as maintain a suitable weight.

When an excess amount of calories are consumed, our body enters the ‘winter mode.’ In this mode, by conserving the calories, our body turns them into fat which is then converted into energy. Once you start consuming calories in the proper amount, these calories stop turning into fats. This is the basic reason why quitting calories is never a successful way to lose weight.

Here is a proper guideline as to how female models maintain their fitness and what their diet is.

When women are seen representing sports brands, it is their physique that catches our attention. This physique is gained by the perfect diet, which we will now explain to you.

Also, the same diet habits are used by professional call girls and escorts around the world. Guess why?


The basic rule these models follow is to ommit unnecessary meals or snacks

Three main course meals are enough for the whole day, and an occasional dessert is allowed to them once a week. They have a light breakfast which contains fewer carbs and no fat but has the proper amount of total calorie requirement for breakfast. The portions of lunch and dinner are normal with a gap of almost 3-6 hours between each meal.

Some models also have very limited dairy intake in a day

Most of the models swear to have no dairy intake; instead, they consume healthier alternatives such as almonds and coconut milk. As dairy products usually cause a bloated tummy, this is a strict no-no for models that have their reputations on stake. Dairy products usually take much time to digest and this is a big reason why people feel bloated or their tummies come out if they have excess dairy products.

A balanced meal is the secret

Having a balanced meal full of the proper value of proteins, healthy fats, carbohydrates, and a diverse variety of different fruits and vegetables helps a lot.

A healthy diet can comprise of breakfast of scrambled eggs with avocado and oatmeal or yogurt with granola; lunch of fish, eggs and meat products along with a healthy bowl of salad; and for dinner, the remaining supplements can be balanced. Such is an ideal diet plan for most models around the globe.

Some cheats are acceptable

However, if someone is totally off the idea of cutting out snacks from the regime, the main key here would be to strike a balance. Say, for a bowl of french fries, one may opt for a good bowl of salad to balance the fats with the right amount of proteins and carbs.

Of course, with this, one would most likely have to increase workout plans and add some cardio and bodyweight exercises like kickboxing. If you are not ready to sacrifice on tasty snacks and just can’t resist milkshakes and ice-cream, this diet plan is a good cheat method for you.

Detoxification is a must

Sometimes, there is even a strict method of detox involved to keep the body in shape. The aim of this detox is to decrease the lower body fat while increasing metabolism at the same time. This is not an easy process and requires a firm determination.

Detox can be for just a week, but there is a lot that is involved in this process. With this, it is also important to maintain seven to nine hours of sleep each night. And the next step is to consume a lot of water. Anywhere between two to four liters of water each day.

No processed food

Models also have a very limited intake of gluten, sugar, and processed food. This strict diet routine also includes absolutely no consumption of alcohol whatsoever. Increased usage of carrots and avocados in the daily diet routines have proved to work wonder for a lot of models. They swear by these two healthy snacking options most of the time.

Models diet: Try it for your own!

This was a brief diet regime of models throughout the world. It is quite a difficult task to lose some weight, but with proper motivation and encouragement, it is not impossible to achieve. The main key is to strike the perfect balance between proper food and regular exercises and workout plans mixed with some intermediate detox every once in a while.

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